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Welcome to New Eridu!

Though you live close to disaster, with each day bringing new surprises, life still goes on, and the story doesn’t end here. Once again… Welcome to New Eridu!

Land of Risk and Reward

Enter a Hollow for the first time.

Hello, Master

Sign an agreement with the Type III General-Purpose AI Equipped With Total Sequential Integration.

Fortune Favors the Skilled

Board Vision’s explosive train.

Happy and Full! (Except for My Wallet)

After dealing with Vision’s explosive crisis, enjoy a buffet with the friends who fought alongside you.

A Real Beast

Meet the president of Belobog Heavy Industries for the first time.

Concrete Romeo and Metal Juliet

Witness the touching love story between the boring machine and Mr. White.

An Absolute Real Bro

Have a competition between bros with the heavy-duty grappler.

Enlightened Sinner

Catch the fleeing pile driver.

Call Out That Name

Awaken the prototype’s power and defeat the mysterious monster inside the monument.

The Great Crisis on Sixth Street?

Learn about the incident on Sixth Street.

There Is Only One Truth

Catch the culprit who used the EMP to trigger a series of incidents.

Return to Rightful Owner

Help the two Public Security officers retrieve the evidence.

A Professional Team at Your Service

Establish a cooperation with Victoria Housekeeping Co.

Generate Power With Power

Restore power to the Ballet Twins.

Extreme Operation

Eliminate all obstacles and save the airship.

Melody of Fate

Find out the actual name of the monster — Sacrifice — from what remains of the recording.

Hollow Detective

Collect 50 Observation Data.

Bangboo Hand-in-Hand

Save Little Beetroot in the “Bangboo Limbo” commission.

Final Director’s Cut

Reach the hidden ending of “The Prophecy” commission.

221B Sixth Street

Collect 100 Observation Data.

Detective New Eridu

Collect 200 Observation Data.


Complete Phaethon’s Story.

Playing Myself

Complete the Soldier 11 Agent Story.

An Adept Student Requires a Brilliant Teacher

Complete the Nekomata Agent Story.

Iron Witch

Complete the Grace Agent Story.

Then, I Wish Us…

Complete the Koleda Agent Story.

Sweetcakes That Never Expire

Complete the Rina Agent Story.

And You, My Friend, Are the Companion of Justice

Complete the Lycaon Agent Story.

Rookie on the Road

Reach Lv. 20 with an Agent for the first time.

New Game+

Reach Lv. 40 with an Agent for the first time.

Armed to the Teeth!

Reach Lv. 60 with an Agent for the first time.

Toy Builder Extraordinaire

Reach Lv. 20 with a W-Engine for the first time.

Avid Collector

Reach Lv. 40 with a W-Engine for the first time.

I Swear I Just Really Like 3D Puzzles

Reach Lv. 60 with a W-Engine for the first time.

Outsourced Investigator

Complete “Old Capital Metro: Edge” in Hollow Zero for the first time.

One Who Gazes Into the Abyss

Complete any stage in Hollow Zero on Core difficulty for the first time.

Encounters of the Third Kind

Complete “Withering Garden: Core” in Hollow Zero for the first time.

Let’s Get Down to “Business”

See New Eridu for the first time.

Shoppa the Explorer

Unlock 5 stores in New Eridu.

A Great Manager

Reach Lv. 6 with the Random Play video store.

My House Is Pretty Big After All

Unlock the second floor of Random Play.

A Legend Reborn

Complete all Proxy Primers.

Purrfect Partner!

Reach maximum Trust with Inky.

Scritto da
Lorenzo Bologna

Appassionato di tutto ciò che concerne il mondo videoludico, sono un inguaribile amante dei titoli horror e un accumulatore compulsivo di trofei (meglio se di platino). Avvicinato al medium grazie a mamma Nintendo e papà Crash Bandicoot.

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