[Lista Trofei] Crusader Kings 3

Di Lorenzo Bologna
18 Maggio 2023

Vesti i panni di un maestro del campo di battaglia che annienta i nemici o gioca il ruolo di un astuto cercatore di segreti, che trama e ricorre ai veleni per portare a termine gli incarichi: fa tutto parte dello stesso gioco. Combina matrimoni, difendi la fede e fonda nuovi imperi in questo classico moderno, diverso da qualsiasi altro titolo strategico che tu abbia mai giocato su console.


Complete all trophies

Hook, Line & Sinker​

Gain a weak hook on any character.​ Gain a strong hook on any character.

The Gift Of Life

Produce a new child.

The Last to Fall are the Buildings​

Construct any new building in your domain.

Upgrade to Match Your Destiny

Upgrade any existing building in your domain.

Until Death Do Us Part

Get Married.

Lifestyle Choices​

Choose a Lifestyle and apply a Lifestyle Perk.

Military Matters

Create a new Men-At-Arms regiment​. Upgrade any Men-At-Arms regiment.

A Council for Kings​

Replace an existing council member​.

The Darkness that Surrounds Us​

Have someone assassinated.

Claim Your Power​

Fabricate a claim​.

The Art Of War​

Declare War, Win a War and then Enforce your demands on the enemy.

A Well Educated Mind

Appoint a Guardian to one of your children.

It’s not a Cult!​

Create a Faith.

Above God

Gain a strong hook on your Head of Faith.

A House of My Own

Create a Cadet Branch of your Dynasty​.

Almost There​

As Álmos Árpád of the Mogyër Confederation in 867, form Hungary and convert to Catholicism.

Dreadful Ruler

Gain the maximum amount of Dread (100).

Fine Print​

Use a hook to modify a Feudal Contract.

Moving up in the World​

Increase your Rank by gaining a title that is a higher rank than your previous title.

Not So Feudal System​

Gain a claim on a title using the Claim Throne Scheme.

The Emerald Isle

Starting as an Irish ruler, form the Kingdom of Ireland.

The Succession is Safe​

Have 10 living children​.

The Things We Do for Love​

Murder your lover’s spouse​.

Turning to Diamonds

Reach the highest possible stress level.

Way of Life

Obtain every perk in a Lifestyle.

Black Widow

Seduce a character.​ Assassinate the character.

Mid Life Crisis

Complete any skill tree​. Reset your perk points.

A Legacy to Last the Ages

Complete an entire Dynasty Legacy path. Ironman Mode ON.

An Unfortunate Accident​

Inherit a title from someone you Murdered​. Ironman Mode ON.


Reach the highest possible Level of Fame. Ironman Mode ON.

Followed by Shadows​

Know 10 secrets simultaneously. Ironman Mode ON.

For the Faith!​

Take part in a successful Great Holy War. Ironman Mode ON.


Completely Control the Kingdom of Thessalonika. Must be French. Ironman Mode ON.

Know Your Place​

Win a civil war by defeating a Faction. Ironman Mode ON.

Land of the Rus​

Start as Rurik the Troublemaker, 867. Lead your Dynasty to rule the Russian Empire. Ironman Mode ON.


Fully upgrade a Duchy Building anywhere in your personal Domain. Ironman Mode ON.

Non Nobis Domine​

Found a Holy Order. Ironman Mode ON.

Norman Yoke​

As Duke William of Normandy in 1066, subjugate England. Ironman Mode ON.

Royal Dignity​

As Duke Vratislav Přemyslid of Bohemia, 1066, rule Bohemia & the Holy Roman Empire. Ironman Mode ON.


Reach the highest possible Level of Devotion (max Piety). Ironman Mode ON.

Seven Holy Cities​

As a Hindu, own or become the Liege of all seven Hindu Holy Sites. Ironman Mode ON.

The Emperor’s New Clothes​

While holding any Empire Title, be naked. Ironman Mode ON.

Trapped in the Web​

Have strong hooks on three Direct Vassals. Ironman Mode ON.

A Name Known Throughout the World

Reach the highest possible Level of Splendor for your Dynasty. Ironman Mode ON.


Take the ‘Avenge the Battle of Tours’ decision and completely control Iberia. Ironman Mode ON.

Beacon of Progress​

Unlock all Innovations (excluding regional and culture-specific innovations). Ironman Mode ON.

Kings to the Seventh Generation​

As Count Eudes Robertine of Anjou, 867, your Dynasty rules the Kingdom of France. Ironman Mode ON.

Last Count, First King​

As Duke Nuño of Portucale in 1066, form Portugal. Ironman Mode ON.

End of an Era​

Play until 1453. Ironman Mode ON.


Control the Iberia region and ensure all associated counties are Christian. Ironman Mode ON

Power Corrupts​

Use a hook to help you win an Election. Ironman Mode ON.

Mother of Us All​

As Daurama Daura of Kano, 867, reform a pagan faith & convert all local Counties. Ironman Mode ON.

Rise from the Ashes​

Restore the Roman Empire. Ironman Mode ON.

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