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[Lista Trofei] Stray Gods


Unlocked all trophies.

End Of The Road

Inherited the legacy of the Last Muse.

The Deep End

Finished Act One.

Across The Styx

Finished Act Two.

The Muse’s Encore

Finished Act Three.

Against All Odds

You survived against all odds.


Listened to every song.


Music is now your province.


When push comes to shove, you shove back.


Your heart was always in the right place.


They’ve learned not to underestimate you.

The Answer Is You

Found love with Apollo.

Together, Victorious

Melted Persephone’s icy heart.

Brave On Time

Returned Freddie’s feelings.

Share This Dance

Fell in love with Pan.

Everything Has Changed

You’ll always have your friends.


No harm in checking out all of your options.

Not A Lost Girl

Decided to stick with your bestie.

The Choice Is Yours

Decided to trust Pan has your best interests at heart.

My Time To Shine

You can handle this on your own.

God Of The Sun

Remained at Apollo’s side.

Queen Without A Throne

Threw your lot in with Persephone.

All The Help You Need

Broke the cycle of rebirth and convinced Aphrodite to live.

Lost In A Song

You honoured Aphrodite’s decision and let her find peace.

Meant To Be

Love blossomed in the unlikeliest of places.

Arrow Of Eros Undone

There’s hope for him yet.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

You just couldn’t let her go.

Saying Goodbye

Made the difficult decision to let someone go.

The Queen Of The Dead

Persephone finally claimed the throne.

The King Of Hell

Allowed Orpheus to remain on the throne.

This Hell Is Mine

You decided to take the throne for yourself.


You destroyed the throne of Hades.

Snake Charmer

She was a victim too.

Like Heroes Before You

Channelled your inner Perseus and defeated the Gorgon.

Not Taking Any Chances

You can’t trust someone who tried to eat you.

Talk To The Hand

They had it coming.

Brand New Chorus

They can no longer be trusted to lead.

The High Road

Forgive but don’t forget.

Scritto da
Lorenzo Bologna

Nato con il Pad in mano, al punto tale che la prima parola pronunciata è stata: "Woah!" in pieno stile Crash Bandicoot. Appassionato e curioso di tutto ciò che concerne il mondo videoludico. Amante dei titoli horror ed accumulatore di trofei compulsivo.

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