Sackboy: A Big Adventure – La lista completa dei trofei su PS5

Di Andrea "Geo" Peroni
8 Novembre 2020

Il sito PSNProfiles ha iniziato a pubblicare le prime liste dei Trofei di alcuni giochi su PlayStation 5, e in questo articolo vi riportiamo quelli relativi a Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

La lista che trovate di seguito si riferisce ai trofei in lingua inglese. Non appena avremo novità per quanto riguarda la lista italiana, vi riporteremo le novità.

Il gioco, che sarà disponibile al lancio di PS5 (il 19 novembre in Italia), avrà in totale 46 trofei conquistabili, tra i quali 32 di bronzo, 10 di argento, 3 d’oro e il Trofeo di Platino. Il gioco sarà disponibile anche su PS4.

Potete leggere i trofei del gioco di seguito.

Big Adventurer
Even Scarlet didn’t get all the trophies, you’re truly a Knitted Knight of legend.
You’ve got potential, squire!
Faced off against the Master of the Uproar on the Soaring Summit.
Metameric Malady
Cleared the Colossal Canopy of its pest problem.
Sonar So Good
Defeated the Bringer of Nightmares at the bottom of the ocean.
Crash Override
Cleaned up N.A.O.M.I’s code.
Vex Vanquisher!
Triumphed over the vile Vex at the very center of Craftworld.
Verified Vex Vanquisher!
Defeated Vex, destroyed the Topsy Turver and saved Craftworld!
Daydream Believer
Pushed back the Uproar for the first time.
Book of Dreams
Collect all the stickers in a single World.
Squired Up
Discover the Trials of the Knitted Knights.
Out of bounds
Pick up and throw 30 of Vex’s minions to their doom.
Pop ‘n’ Lobber
Defeat 30 of Vex’s minions from a distance.
Defeat multiple minions simultaneously 10 times.
Defeat 30 of Vex’s minions by bouncing on them.
Stun 30 of Vex’s minions.
Complete your first Costume.
Earn a Gold rank in any Remix level.
Knights of Gold
Earn a Gold rank in any Knitted Knight Trial.
Cut it out!
Complete Highs and Glows… without throwing the Whirltool.
Slide Away
Over the course of your adventure, collect 3000 points while sliding.
Bubble Binger
Collect a full chain of Timed Score Bubbles 30 times.
Gymnastic Fantastic
While in the air, perform four actions before touching the ground.
Pick up, and hold on to, a Boomblebee Hive for 60 seconds.
Buddy Beater
In multiplayer, get the top score on the scoreboard 20 times.
Create your own custom Emote in Zom Zom’s shop then show the world.
Icon of Style
Save a custom-made costume to your Wardrobe.
Let’s twist again…
In multiplayer, start a dance party with your friends.
Up high!
In multiplayer, high five with a friend.
Sore Winner
In multiplayer, clobber one of your chums as the champ.
Stop! Thief!
In multiplayer, snatch an item from the clutches of another player.
Slap Attack
Simultaneously slapped each other.
Beast of burden
In multiplayer, get gold in any Knitted Knight Trial while carrying another Sackperson.
Fun Multiplied
In multiplayer, complete a Teamwork Level.
In multiplayer, snag the most Collectabells in a level 20 times.
In multiplayer, save your fallen friends from certain doom!
Find all of Gerald’s secret spots.
Player’s Player
Find and play with all the toys.
Amazing Ace
Ace 30 levels by completing them without dying.
Best Friends
In multiplayer mode, earn 10 Ace level goals.
Walk-in Wardrobe
Fill your wardrobe with 300 costume pieces.
Master of One
Get a golden level badge by completing all the Level Goals for a single level.
Achieve all the level goals for 10 different levels.
Best Friends Forever
Teamed up to take down the Topsy Turver.
Wonderplane Workout
Mop up those last messy bits of Uproar that are lurking about.
Golden Boy
Earn Gold on the scoreboard in 50 different levels!
String it Together
Get a Gold on the Wonderplane’s ultimate challenge!

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