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[Lista Trofei] The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation

Honorary Alumni of TungHu University
Obtain all achievements.
Protected by Divine Power
Used mobile toilet for the first time.
Girl Carrying A Doll
Completed the preparations for Kimodameshi live stream.
Getting It on the First Try
Successfully arranged Exorcise Evil Formation.
Whose Heart was Never Hurt
Completed research on HsinChiao’s past.
Dating Attraction
Reached the 4th floor of the Girl’s Dorm.
Money Camouflage
Successfully explored the secrets of the Law School classroom.
Different People Specialize in Different Professions
Successfully deciphered riddles in the Exorcism Wiki.
Seeing through Vanity
Successfully cracked the secrets of the Department of Philosophy classroom.
Master of Time Management
Played mobile game on the toilet.
See No Evil
Reached scene of accident.
Hide-and-Seek Expert
Obtained Makeup and Hair Classroom key.
Haunting Specter
Entered Cursed Bridge for the first time.
Love Crawler
Entered Chemistry Classroom to view past memories.
Conveying Love through Letters
Obtained old letters.
Mortuary Makeup Artist
Successfully filled in missing body organs.
Waiting for Salvation
Completed finale: Thank You.
Road to Salvation
Completed finale: Road to Salvation.
No One will be Left Behind
Fully completed album collection.
Karma in My Eyes
Strangled to death by the hair of the female ghost for the first time.
Whose Child?
Something that cried caused your death for the first time.
Just Being Cautious
Hide for 5 minutes on one try.

Scritto da
Lorenzo Bologna

Nato con il Pad in mano, al punto tale che la prima parola pronunciata è stata: "Woah!" in pieno stile Crash Bandicoot. Appassionato e curioso di tutto ciò che concerne il mondo videoludico. Amante dei titoli horror ed accumulatore di trofei compulsivo.

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