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[Lista Trofei] Bud Spencer & Terence Hill – Slaps & Beans 2

Harder, guys!

Complete the throwing tutorial without taking any damage.

Watch out the springboard

Hit an enemy using the lever on the trampoline.

The box breaker

Avoid Wyke’s crates.

The rocking chair

Eliminate an enemy with the rocking chair

Who you gonna call? Not you!

Hit an enemy on the pole.

Chinese lanterns

Eliminate a Chinatown enemy by using the lanterns with Terence.

The gardener

Talk to Alex the gardener.

One at a time

Use Bud to throw an enemy into a turnstile.

No Dana, only Zuul

Awaken the Zuul.


Talk to the space child.

He had it in for you

Don’t get hit by the sacks.

Kept you waiting, huh?

Cross the military base without being detected.

Heavy Machine Gun!

Free the “special” prisoner.

Monkey Kong

Avoid the rolling barrels.

Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure

Play in party game mode.


Hit an enemy by hitting an item on a counter with Terence.

Hold this for me!

Eliminate an enemy by throwing a heavy object with both hands with Bud.

Turn the other cheek

Activate a ping pong combo with an enemy.

Are we done? No!

Complete the game.

…or maybe yes? But I Decide!

Complete the game in hard mode.

Get down!

Eliminate a thrower opponent that can only be reached with Terence’s aim shot.


Make a bowling strike by throwing an opponent with Bud.

Don’t touch my bananas!

Cross the river without losing any bananas.

Don’t worry, I’m an engineer!

Take more than 30 seconds to fix a leak.

Won’t you finish this one?

Steal food from the same opponent 3 times.


Complete the training with at least 5 seconds left.

Sorry, Boss!

Hit 5 hostages during training.

Did you get it?

Win all rounds of the three-card game by always choosing first.

Serrano Is Back

Win the pelota match without letting the opponents score.

I think you cheated. Oh, you really think?

Cheat to take away a point from the opponents.

Internationally Acclaimed Singer

Complete the chorus without missing any notes.

I would have preferred with a yellow tarp.

Win the airboat challenge by only driving backwards.

That was some fancy shooting

Win the airboat challenge without getting hit.

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Lorenzo Bologna

Nato con il Pad in mano, al punto tale che la prima parola pronunciata è stata: "Woah!" in pieno stile Crash Bandicoot. Appassionato e curioso di tutto ciò che concerne il mondo videoludico. Amante dei titoli horror ed accumulatore di trofei compulsivo.

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